Friday, March 20, 2009

ok spaghetti land... could just eat that wonderful chicken and sauce and pasta right now, washed down by the wonderful Frascati wine we had, mom and i went to Frascati in Italy a few years ago now, and drank of the wine in the place where it was made... uuuummmm

above by the way is inside the British Museum, took a great photo from the that middle window of writing on the floor the following day, we didnt notice it whilst walking over it, and had to wait for a clear shot, which took a while!

by Lord Tennyson... just read what i think is the complete poem, but other sites say its a two part book? and written by him during a period of great depression, so, read or not to read.....!

ok amigos.... back to the hotel after the late lunch, we relaxed and prepared for our next date, at Her Majesty's Theatre (little bit of history in this site...) to see Phantom of the Opera! amazing, had never thought of even going before, and now i have seen this if i never saw another show i feel i have seen the best! we got all dressed up, me feeling like a sausage in a sausage skin, everything felt too tight, and too short! made me realise how little i wear a skirt these days... and i had on new shoes i had bought in a panic the day before that were so high i could hardly walk! looked like i was helping mom keep her balance, it was me who couldn't! and we had front row seats in the Royal Circle, so it was down hill to our seats and nothing to hold on to.... except my mom! intermission meant we had to do it twice! we pre ordered our drinks so at least didn't have to que up for them... was a real disappointment that not everyone was dressed up for what felt like quite a grand occasion, seems jeans fluffy boots and any old top was just fine! we were amongst about the 30% who had made an effort!

we got cabs to and fro from the hotel, each cabby was chatty and friendly, i stood out in the street to hail the cab home, well there were hundreds of people all waiting and no parked cabs so seemed the thing to do! he got a call while we were driving and i could hear a guy moaning our cabby had jumped the line! and we got a discount!

Friday morning after breakfast we went back to the British Museum as we hadn't really had a chance to see much the day before after the Babylon exhibition.

and back to Berkhamsted....

that after noon and following day i was catching up with a friend, Friday evening we had dinner in Milton Keynes, and Saturday a look around the shops and a coffee...

then Mom and i were off again, down to Hayling Island and Waratah Lodge the B&B there in my links section! we had a lovely visit with them, and it felt like a visit if you know what i mean, Linda and Clive make you feel at home with them. i met them during my promotion last year and put their link on my blog, and thought i would check 'em out! very glad we did and would happily recommend them to anyone visiting that area.

that evening we ate in a local pub called The Yew Tree, a very very old coaching inn i think it was, whose friendly staff and wonderful food brought us back another two visits! and on the other evening we ate in a carvery, the Barley Mow i think it was called, for 3.50! how cheap is that!

now on Sunday we went to see Arundel specifically to see the castle, but, it was closed! when i had checked out the site it said open in March, it had said end of March which i didn't notice, and by the time we got there the web site had been partially up dated and now said April! tony showed me how to check back to a previous web page somehow or other, cant remember now, but i did, and yes it said March! thought i was going crazy! we also walked a long way to the top of the high street thinking the way in was up there, and we were not alone, loads of people were milling around up there trying to get in! turns out for information it is down at the very bottom of the town, near some ruins and the river! they lost a lot of money that day for sure, sun shining warm temperatures, well for England ;-)! oh but the car park was still coining it in! literally!

we were thoroughly disappointed! and made our escape towards the coast... we happened upon Littlehampton, i dont think it is what it was! i had never been before, but mom says when she last went there, years ago, before returning to the states that it was a small holiday resort, but a busy little place full of life and hustle and it was very quiet with lots of closed shops and an almost ruined shopping arcade that needs some TLC big time, we didn't get as far as the beach and coastal road...

and then on to Bognor Regis....this town was open and lively, we had a coffee and look around the shops and a parade of clowns came through the town! it was really busy and the shops were buzzing which was nice... more car park fees here and above of course in Littlehampton! non transferable... of course!

we then tried to follow the coast road back to Hayling Island, but just there on the coast is like a hand with many fingers and each road we went down.... ended! and back up we came till i gave up and headed inland a short way to the main road!

mañana amigos....


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pia said...

Sounds like a real whirlwind! Glad to hear that your mom's still spry...and that she's strong enough to have you lean on her!