Saturday, March 28, 2009

Portsmouth, Bognor Regis

above was taken from the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth... could have done with a bit more sun, and less wind! although we felt safe enough(?) you could really feel the wind up there and the movement with it! just a slight swaying motion! arh!!!

sorry, couldn't fit in the whole hight of the tower from here, and couldn't walk backwards anymore without falling into the sea!

from this shot you can see if you zoom in... the out side elevator! C R A Z Y! wouldn't want to go up that on a still day or even night time! more pics from up there tomorrow!
the above shot was one i took from one of the dead end roads we came up against whilst trying to make our way back to Hayling Island... we drove and drove and the road ended in this parking lot! there were lots of cars and a few hardy folks on the beach! the other people, in the cars, we either asleep or eating sandwiches! and once out of the car we knew why... could hardly stand up in the wind! still onwards and upwards as they say....

and here Bognor Regis, after leaving sleepy (knocked out) Littlehampton, we came here, passed the massive Butlins Holiday Park and made our way into town, parked the car, again! and walked up the high street, following signs of life and there was lots of it! it was a Sunday afternoon and the shops here were open and full to bursting, as were lots of the eatery's, i guess everyone out and waiting for the clowns to come to town for their parade!

Love is when two people know everything about eachother and are still friends...


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