Saturday, March 28, 2009

before i forget, things i keep meaning to tell! a couple of the car parks now here in Alhaurín have changed laws... no longer than 12 hours and its move it! well that's ok for some, but what if you, we, don't want to go out over a weekend, or during the week? whats that all about, its ridiculous for those of us who have no private car space and no parking on our streets, we have to use the car parks and now cannot leave our vehicles there for longer than 12 hours!

also, we had received a letter from the local town hall for a man who every year we get a notification about his road tax to be paid, every year i take his to the office and they take it, and obviously do nothing with it! yesterday we took the large letter to the office, and after waiting some hours... well it seemed like it! the guy opened it and just tore it up! and told me i should do the same if, well when it comes again, and again it will if no one there just gets on the old computer and actually enters his name and address and deletes it!!!! there were i noticed as he tore it up about 7 or 8 years worth of road tax to pay!

and our car is coming up for its ITV, that's MOT in England! here in Spain up to four years old the car is exempt from the test, between four and ten it is every two years, and once over ten, that's us! its yearly! really not sure if our old jalopy will make it this year, few bits hanging on for dear life, the broken bonnet (where someone leaned it back over the windscreen whilst trying to steel the battery remember), both the doors are a little bent out of shape, (from being wrenched open with some thing or other, not our keys!!!), well we will see.

also, and this made it into the English newspapers while i was holiday... a local policemen was fired at in the street here in town whilst trying to stop two men's bad behavior, luckily the gun jambed but the deed was done, and they are now in de la Torre prison for attempted murder, and once again we will all suffer a little as this has a backlash on the rest of us foreigners!

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