Tuesday, May 25, 2010

above Mom and i in Cadiz, Tony camerman! love this photo!

Trying something new... well to me, am seeing if i can work on blogger off line, at least do all the work here and not have to do all the copy and pasting stuff

after i had blogged today a loverly little birdie came a by, parked his little tushy up on the edge of roof and did a doo doo that landed right here on my shift/ctrl keys! and after cleaning them up a message came up about sticky keys! well yes i did! but i clicked cancel anyway!

i tried the lawyer again, a hour later as asked, still not in, was 11:30am, so....

and so of course i will copy and paste this to docs, in case this isn't here next time!

i seem to have been a bit lax with my on line book also, and it runs out today, i cannot reload it until it runs out! so will read a bit today, maybe, and hope no one is waiting for it tomorrow and i can grab it back straight away! i cant read outside which doesn't help! cant see the screen!

today, above, is now yesterday, and so time goes does it not!

bank machine still not working... and lawyers not answering phone at all now! well it is only 10:22am after all!!!

i didn't get to read my book, too tired, hope when i get home i will get some much needed energy to clean up all the mildew and mould! is it my FM or the sea air making me so exhausted, i am finding hard to even hold up a cup of coffee, thats how bad it is! i wasn't even sure about coming up here today, thought an hour ago i wouldn't i would just stay sat down all day, but that probably wouldn't make me feel any better, so now just have to hope i get back again!

this off line page stayed, so hopefully when i click post it will do!


ahem... clicking *enable wireless* might help!


Lightborrower said...

I think I remember this photo, Marian! You posted it a couple years ago, right? I was so happy to see you out and about with your mom -- I hadn't been out with mine in about 10 or 15 years at that point. A lovely picture of you two -- and I'm glad you got your keys unstickied!

Christine said...

Hi Marian
Still enjoying your blogs,hope everything turns out alright for you in your house.Will you still be in Calahonda between 20th - 30th June as my neighbour and I are staying in La Cala for 10 days and it would be great to meet for a coffee in Los Olivos.Fingers crossed

Marian said...

Carol... thank you! am dodging birds today, more undercover, just in case!! take carex

Marian said...

Chrissie... i will back home by then, but will definately meet up with you, in La Cala or Calahonda, i dont mind which, cant wait to see you. take care,x you still got my phone number?