Thursday, May 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Barry! cant believe its my oldest babies 30th Birthday today! what?? i'm not old enough, he is definitely now older than i! Barry is the little honey on the right up there!

no breeze down here today, little bit misty is all... was better here yesterday than day before when my fingers had turned blue and took hours to regain feeling again! but yesterday i was only here briefly, only just made it here, then went home as quick as i could felt awful and a migraine came to visit, had some imigran thank goodness, took one, went to bed for about 3 hours and got up with no head ache! i wish they had invented these 30 years ago, i have lost so many days of my life! and now this has been the third migraine in a month...

Pippa and i had a change of view on our walk this morning, i think the beach is out of bounds now for us, from May to September no dogs, we don't actually go on the beach but on the path above, but its a close call if push comes to shove weather its really the beach or not, so we took a tour of a pine forest... normally a no go zone with the caterpillars but i am hoping they have gone by now, and Pip loved it, we then found a track, well i did, i had an idea it would meet up with one of rivers that comes down to the beach, someone at some time had walked down there and we pushed our way through and down a steep slope to come out between urbanisations and then it was only two minutes on the beach path and home!

wow, i am clever! been hearing just a line of a song in an ad on TV and its been bugging me no end, well i am having a bit of a music fest today with YouTube, at last remembering to bring my head set! and i found the music... its Green Grass by Tom Waits! i have 4 or 5 of his CD's, i didn't know the singer was him, but now i know it is, i know why i had to *track* it down! no pun intended! i think i have just published it straight to here, just found the bit of publishing from YouTube straight to Twitter, FB and Blogger!

Just remember the Auction is today for a couple of Moms things, two things that i dearly wanted to keep and couldn't, no where for them.... just checked out the catalogue, and feeling sad now for them going...

and now i think i will go...


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