Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paris above, taken when Mom and i were at the top of the Eiffel Tower...

WOW, just realised i hadn't left this page open when the battery failed me, failed me real bad, told me i had more minutes than i did, i needed just two more minutes so i could down load the book i am reading! my down load had said 1hr and 10 minutes, about, when i came on battery time left 1hr and 14 minutes, or thereabouts, and i suppose having said thereabouts is the thing i should have realised to start with! and turned this off for even ten minutes maybe, or would the on/off thing spent more of the battery than time itself...

so, i waited and right down to the last two minutes left before i could down load it again, i couldn't reserve it either, as, it correctly realised i already had the book, so *it* didn't understand me wanting to reserve it at the same time!

so i had the blog open and clicked on new post and here this has popped up! when i turned this on at the wifi bar the page was still there ok, but i had to refresh the page to put up the photo, or even continue with the post, i copied it once more, just in case, but it was all there, well here... so i will continue, but also, copy and pasting on my notes bit, well you can never be certain of anything being where its supposed to be!

in the news yesterday *they* are saying how eating certain fruits will give you a sun tan! on tv they explained they took a photo of a group of people, these people then ate fresh fruit and vegetables for a month, they took a photo of them again and asked so many people in which photo did the people look best in, more tanned. reply came back the last pic, because they're skin looked fresher, eyes brighter, just overall more healthy, which may have been they thought they looked more tanned...

Bob Hope, or rather *real* name (An)Tony Audenshaw from Emmerdale was just on tv, we, Franco Tony & i saw him when he finished the race at Milton Keynes on Mothers Day this year! we were standing waiting for Kate and along he came!

along with the veggie thing above they were talking about de hydration, and said if you sweat for 90 minutes without taking in any fluids your brain shrinks one year in size! once you drink your brain with expand again, but bit frightening eh! and i suppose the headaches we get when we're dry is actually your brain shrinking! no wonder it hurts!!!!

then the doctor said if your taking exams, apart from the water have some chocolates too, as well as upping your sugar for energy, others who see the chocs and don't have any, will be thinking about them and putting them off their stride!!!

have a trip to Marbella tomorrow to pick up the Wills, wish me luck... well too late by the time you read this and i am sure by now there is more beneath to fill you on what occurred! and hopefully if all has gone well and i have collected the Wills, then hopefully also, we can go to the Notary this week, and get things done, then i can get home and get the house cleaned up, i'm going to do a bit of a video, that i cant down load anyway or show you! how frustrating! i could download them onto Franco's lap top though couldn't i? take both to the wifi bar with me, that would look weird! and still 2 screens short of the four Tony has on his desk at work!!!

no disrespect Ma'am, but the Queens crown looks like it has flashing lights on the front! so many jewels sparkling in so many lights! this was during the Queens speech just now, that i missed typing this....

Wednesday afternoon now... don't know how many of you check out my Twitter updates down there on the right hand side? if you did you would be mighty confused by now!

my lawyer asked me to get the original copy of my Moms will from the lawyer we used to do it. he was, is, in Marbella, so this morning i was on the 9:30am bus to Marbella, took about 35 minutes i think, not much more, then a short walk to the office and up 8 floors to their offices, couldn't believe it the guy who was our lawyer from seven years ago was there, he had gone to offices in Javea, but had been back about 3 years, so, he had a word with our lawyer in Fuengirola about the query, and turns out a *Copia autorizada* sounds like authorised copy, so probably that, is what is needed, the actually Wills in Spain are in the Matrix!!!! no not the movie series, although could be? but in a matrix format, meaning its not a hands on thing, but can be picked up by computer wherever its needed from Madrid where the matrix is!

so i went down a couple of floors to the Notary where i could get the above document, but, of course there is always a but! and this but was that they needed to see the original death certificate, the one i had done from English to Spanish with an English Notary back in Berkhamsted... this little item of course was with my lawyer.... in Fuengirola! so at 11am i am back at the bus stop waiting for another bus... which came about 11:20am, off to Fuengirola, this journey was a lot longer, many many people of the bus, tourists which is good from the industry point of view, but not mine! so i arrived in town about ten past 12:30! a nice fast walk trying not to knock any dawdlers over, and i arrived at my lawyers office! collected documents, had a short bathroom pit stop! and off to the nearest bus stop, this one luckily was nearer than the bus station and once there a bus came about quarter past one... back to Mar-be-lla!

i got back to the Notary's office at 14:05, 25 minutes before closing!!! first he said "you will have to come back for the Copia tomorrow"!!!! my face must have fallen to the floor because the man who would be doing all the computer work, said, oh no its ok i will do it! and then my blood must have started pumping again because i felt all faint, this happened yesterday? and i asked for some sugar, he came out with a whole bag! and a spoon, i said i only needed a couple of spoonfuls please! so in a cup that's what he gave me, and i got the sugar in quick and felt better, must have been quite normal for them because non of them registered anything strange about my request, in fact the man on the computer agreed that's what i probably needed!

at 14:28 someone took the paper work to the top bloke, the Notary himself i guess in a different room, and it came a couple of minutes later.... phewey!

down in the elevator i went, not my first choice of the two in the building the one waiting didn't do anywhere when i pushed the buttons, so got out of it quickly!

i then went down to the paseo, at last not rushing, not having to be anywhere quick... i took a walk along to where Mom and i used to go, the people we used to know who ran the restaurant are long now, but i still chose the same place, old habits eh!

so glad i did though, El Teja, (i think its called), sells all the norm, but some wonderful tapas, of which i chose two, one named tortilla de gambas, a prawn omelet of some sort came to mind... strangely! and calamaris de romana, so squid therefore!

squid was nice, nice little squidge of lime rather than lemon which is my preference, but the tortilla de gambas was just the best, not really sure how to explain them, a photo would have been good and maybe if i had been two, not one, one of us could have taken a photo, but that so was not going to happen on my own! they were the thinnest omelet i have ever seen with such a wonderful flavour of the prawns and herbs, be-auti-ful! there were two and i could have eaten more, want more now!

and so, after that nice little break of tapas and a coffee, really should have been a glass of good Rioja of course, shall have to go back and do it properly now... well not right now! i walked back up to the bus stop... and yes, caught a bus! about half hour wait, must have just missed one!!!!

i got back and off at the Cabopino end of Calahonda, noticing on my way through there earlier the sign there says Bienvenida Marbella, welcome to Marbella! and the first thing you see is a dilapidated building, hotel, apartment block thing, totally graffiti'd from head to... tail! Ummm, doesn't look good for Mar-be-lla!!!!

you do see so much from a bus that you don't from a car i must say, but four journeys by bus and about 3 hours on board in one day is a bus ride too far....

oh next step now with all the paperwork i have acquired is with my lawyer and the Notary back in Fuengirola...

here i am now, live, so to speak, wondering why the mouse doesn't work, when i have forgotten plug the stick thingy in! funny how much better it does work when it is!

was also thinking on my way here how i do go on a bit don't i? i remember so clearly my Uncle Dave, back in Charlotte one holiday year ago, saying to me, "Mariachi... you build a clock when you tell a story!" cant remember why he called me mariachi, like the music, or because Marian and Mariachi go together!?! anyway, yes i do build a Grand Daddy of all clocks when i tell my stories of my days don't i? but then yesterday would have been....

... went to both Marbella and Fuengirola to get paperwork sorted for Notary yesterday... full stop!...

i want you to see, feel, through my eyes, so this is what you get!

life would be boring if conversation were short!

i think i will get this up and loaded now, its a long blog and some of you's be getting tired eyes by now amigos!

i was going to add a poem or something up there, googled poem and came to this immediately, don't ask me how, its how things happen sometimes... A Journey of the Hands... i stopped to open it really because i keep waking up with my hands in fists... its good, but sad, but good.... so open with caution...


Carol said...

I love your stories, you do take us along with you, and if the stories were any shorter, I'd feel quite cheated!

The "Hands" page is very nice. And very true! We may some of us or sometimes think since we all face death, that the Lord isn't overly interested in our grief. But He is, and while time itself does its work, He is holding our hands.

And that's a lovely picture of Paris!

Christine said...

Hi Marian

The phone number I have ends with 069 is that still your number it was a english number you gave me


Marian said...

Chrissie... ah yes, i'm not sure how much credit i have on it, if you text me on it though, i can text you back my spanish numbers, would be better, if thats ok with you?

see you soon!xx

Marian said...

Thank you Carol... i cant help rambling... something is wrong when i dont!

take care,xx

Tim said...

Yes Marian, your stories do go on, and I remember my father using that phrase for a lot of people.

Marian said...

... and on and on and on...xx