Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dia del Trabajo

New restaurant opened here in El Zoco last night, and i took a photo this morning, that makes a change for me eh! its a Japanese restaurant i think, and i am not sure exactly the full name of it, only what we can all see from above photo! so pretty poor journalism from me, no brownie points today... but heck you got a picture right!

this morning pippa and i were out about 8am, and didn't get back till 9am! Franco in the apartment had even called me, although i don't take my phone with me now when i walk pip, i used to, but don't know..

i said i only did the usual run, which takes between 15 and 20 minutes, but we hadn't reached the end of the street when a woman came over with her dog and started chatting, heck she could talk! she is from Sweden, i remember when Mom Baz and i were at Nottingham bus station and met a Swedish lady there who also liked to talk! so our dogs sniffed each other and we talked, then parted, then down by the El Capricho we met again, another chat and on our ways...

today back in Alhaurín there will be lots of rocket fire and whistle blowing and much carrying on, here its a holiday, May 1st, Labour day, so just about everything will be shut... well except the bars, restaurants, bakers, tobacconists and here some gift shops!!

its very different here from inland, we had clothes drying on the balcon all day and still damp, lots of moisture from the sea... no one has let me know what that noise is yet??? out in the sea, the booming noise, oh and those awful little critters from last year are back at the house, did i say last week? there were only a few, but they came in their thousands last week for two weeks then were gone as fast as they came... never did find out what they were?

i have re downloaded a book i was reading, cant believe its taking me so long, but then i cant read it outside, the sun is too bright for the screen... i only have it for another 14 days so i must finish it! maybe tomorrow, franco will be going to our house on his own tomorrow we think, with the celebrations still going on it might be easier just to drive up, run in, check all round, empty mail box and drive off, and as he is visiting a mate to help with something up there and we will have pippa it will be easier if we stay here... we think! who knows till tomorrow eh!

just now when i was down loading the photo i noticed my little notebook here had jumped a whole day ahead of itself, to the 2nd May already! or is it Sunday and i have missed a day??

Mom used to have a recurring dream of a man whom she would meet outside of her window on the fire escape in New York City, she dreampt this dream all the years i can remember, said he grew old with her, and that she could never remember what they spoke of... i wonder if she has met up with him now.... dreams are weird, i am reading all these Fate magazines Maria has in her apartment and so many things ring true, after seeing this bird here who keeps on pooping at me... i am sure now its Mom!!!!

am i having de ja vu? or am i just repeating my self?

wish now actually i had arranged to meet up with that Swedish lady this morning for a coffee sometime, seems strange we met up twice for no reason, she is about 60 i guess..

OH HECK forgot to say most importantly car passed its IVA!!!! yeah... an absolute miracle, really.... how it passed is a mystery, Mom had that candle burning all day last year, so while i was at home yesterday so did i! Franco called and was talking about something or other then said the car had passed!! yeah! all those black plastic ties holding it together...

there were a few things the guy did, lights falling out, well that will be the alhaurín road at a guess! oil change and clean up where we have a leak... but was no more than about 150€, i had so many people praying and crossing things, i even had my eyes crossed at the end! >..<

Franco bought me home some jelly babies the other day, they weren't the real ones and are full of horrible things, i have been ok'ish, just a bit of a circle under my ear from my last dose of MSG, well these have set if off proper bad again, circles under both ears coming round my neck! perfect little bright red circles! that are itching like crazy! also the sweets made my teeth sore again, why do i eat things i know will make me bad? probably because i ran out of chocolate..

last night about 11pm no later 11:30, we just checked out the news before going to bed and it said a couple had been stabbed in St Albans, the man dead the woman critical! i went critical... Tony and Kate living in St Albans, and i know they are in town every friday for Nandos! i couldn't breath, felt ill, just went into melt down, i texted Tony immediately, like a fool, of course he didn't answer, i said to Franco i bet they're already asleep? and this morning Tony texted to say... they were asleep... and they were fine...

so i think i am done for now, get back ache too sitting here, the sit slopes away from the table a bit...

and so many distractions here, still no bird yet! or cigarette ash!


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