Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dragon as seen in the Mijas International weekend, lots of stands from many countries around the world... Not Italy though, not sure why, they haven't been there any time we have gone to visit the fair....

We had a whole plateful of meat from Uruguay.... Look away now if your not a meat eater please!!

Couldn't get the whole bbq area into the frame!! I did try standing back to take a better shot but people just kept getting in the way.... as we do!!!

We had had to get the bus to Mijas, the 2:30 from Alhaurín, which didn't get to our parada until ten to three! So was 20 minutes from there to the pueblo, unbelievably a guy at the bus stop asked us, more Franco really as I was hiding in the shade of the bus top... not much as it happened, but, sorry back to guy... he wanted cigarettes, so left his small daughter alone, with us, and 3 or 4 single guys and another couple... to get go them!!! The shop was out of sight from us, and I still can't believe he just left her with so many complete strangers!

I went with friends to the lakes again! And found that the tree by the church is a Mulberry tree! And in fact there are two of them there! Well never too old to learn something eh! I took them to the top of the mountain first with the reservoir and Bobastro remains, we would have had a coffee in the bar up there.... but bar gone, sold, and it looks like a private house now only, and a very beautiful one at that!

From there down to El Choro, the railway station bar and coffee.... and then to the lakes at Ardales! By then 'they' were almost tourist'ed out I think! So we had some very nice food at the Kiosk restaurant over looking the main lake...

I then pushed my luck and we walked around the corner to the two dams, the old, and the new... And then, went just a bit too far and took them down to the lower level of the lake... where they almost lost the will to live, well one anyway! He had had enough of the tourist trail and just wanted to leave the place... So we did!!!

We had a meeting at work during the week, and I was thanked for my TV appearance! Did anyone actually see it? I hope not, but I have been advised I will be doing it again as it brought so many people in??? I think they wanted to see the clown who spoke gibberish do you think!!!

Have dates for my heart scan now, July 4th! And results from that a couple of weeks later... Just wish it was sooner, all seems to be taking so long, and still not quite got used to these Beta blockers, still hoping I won't have to take them forever...

Feeling a bit vague now actually as I type, so will leave you here, with a quote I came across during the week... I have a few actually, that came just when I needed them, and one beautiful poem from Saint Augustine a good friend sent me.... which I have just now, as I write, found on YouTube and posted herein...

You see I took a step back this week, I felt like I had lost my Mom all over again... I came home one afternoon, walked into the kitchen, put on the kettle to make a cup of tea, and thought, as I do every day, that I would phone Mom, and bam, I burst into tears, and for all the rest of that evening and into the next day, I cried like I had last year...

The truth is that there is only one terminal dignity - love.
And the story of a love is not important -
what is important is that one is capable of love.
It is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity.
~ Helen Hayes ~


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