Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ok amigos, had to write notes beneath so I don't forget or get mixed up, and maybe I should start with the note at the bottom, in case nothing makes sense here, I am taking, for a while I guess for now anyway, some betablockers to try to regulate my heart arrhythmia, and am thinking when its sorted out I can off them, hope so, either that or these symptoms go, or I get used to them, whichever is the quicker, only been taking them for two days, but am having trouble typing, thinking or pretty much anything, make me so tired, no not actually tired, fatigued, maybe, as last night despite being so tired I kept waking up all through the night and not actually feeling like I would be able to go back to sleep!

Tuesday was a terrible day! It began with a television advert.... I was supposed to do, for Cudeca, what a mess, and it really was, I am not just saying that, seriously camera shy, although not helped by the fact that another girl should have been with me from Cudeca, doing the Spanish bit, so I was on my own, only person speaking English, and a girl from the company was trying to help, but her English was so bad I couldn't understand a thing she said to me!

Another woman introduced me, sort of, didn't ask my name, and I was too dumb to even say who I was when I began my introduction to the Summer fair on Saturday, at 10am until 2pm, and all we have for sale etc etc, I was actually speechless, yes! Totally, well apart from a new language I learnt very quickly, and very fluently, its called Gibberish! Absolute Gibberish, that's all I spoke! So I have decided to stick to only one type of television now, and that's CCTV!

Then, I went to work, and gibberished my way through the humiliation of telling people what a hopeless wreck I was!

In the evening I had my hospital appointment, for my results... Which they actually had! From both the heart monitor test and the MRI, the MRI showed I have spinal nerve root cysts... a couple over a centimetre in size, they need operating on, but not until I have had my arrhythmia sorted out! The appointment I have been waiting for since early February has still not come through, it sounds like an ultra sound scan, they will watch my heart and see what its up to, then see what's to do! My friend picked me up from the town centre, just before 6pm and we got to the hospital in Malaga very quickly, it was 30°, and felt like it! The good thing, although there were lots of cars, not many people left in the hospital! We almost walked straight in, no one in front of us to go in at all! My friend is leaving the area, so who knows what we will do without her!!!! We won't know what the doctor is saying, or him us, we could come out with all sorts of things, or come out with nothing!

Anyway, the op on my cysts.... lovely! Cysts... And this is a shot in the dark, but reading about them and the symptoms of them, it seems they can cause Fibromyalgia like problems, wouldn't it be funny if they have been there for the last twenty years, and its been them causing all my pain, fatigue, joint pain, sleepiness nights.... Oh and yes I know I am clutching at straws, but one can hope.... Can't one???

And today rain! In June.... oh well.... just a smattering of it, and its been so humid the last few days... At the boardroom this morning we got the centre table, the only dry table in the house, so to speak! I was somewhat disorientated at the table this morning, didn't really know who or where I was! And its taken all day for the half a tablet to wear off and I go and take the other half!

At least no one seems to have seen the tv advert for Cudeca summer fair....?? At least no one laughed at me in town today!!! Its on the net somewhere too, I can't find it, I seriously cannot find it folks, I am not just not telling you where it is, maybe they decided against showing it? Although of course, I suppose I probably sounded just like I always do? I was speaking English after all, and Gibberish, in English, may sound not so dissimilar to my normal talking!!! lol

Think that must be it for today.... Oh no, before I forget, I called Telefonica on Friday evening, really bad crackling phone line, almost impossible to hear from my point of view, and by Saturday mid day, a man was here to fix it! Turns out where we had the really bad damp in the bedroom the winter before last, the box had got a bit rusty, or something, so he advised me to buy the new bit, which is what happened on Monday, I came home and wired it into the wall, and hey presto, clear line again!! Strange that the telephone man didn't carry any actual parts in his van, isn't it? Or maybe not!!!!

TTFN amigos!

ps view at the lakes, the water measure line...

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