Sunday, June 05, 2011

ANother trip out today! This morning headed out to Cátama and then to Estacion de Cártama... Market is still on there on Sundays, let me tell you! Didn't want to get involved with it, but got caught up in traffic and ended up circumnavigating the whole of the town because of it!!!

From there we took the Pizzara road, stopping off there and walking into town for churros, the stand didn't have any chocolaté, must remember to carry thermos of creamy hot chocolaté at all times to save further un happiness having to eat churros without the hot chocolaté... back in the car, also, of course sugar less! I normally have some sugar in my bag[!!!!], but also today, none of it! At present, now I think of it, there is one solitary churro left in a plastic bag, in the car, keeping warm, or even very hot, considering how hot the sun is today, even now at 7pm!

Summer at last, and about time too..... Just published this and checking it out realised I haven't explained the photo above, there is a monastery, its about mid mountain, and over to the right a bit, a while building, zoom anyway... oh and I am just guessing about what it is, sorry....

Above a great shot of the road... less travelled these days, maybe! Managed to get over it ok, although on reflection I think should have taken the part of the road that had already sunk, because driving over the higher bit, about 5 foot higher, felt decidedly dodgy!!

Then further along, the pic below, you can see how the side of the road here has actually risen, not fallen.... So, no complaining about pot holes over there in Blighty por favor mis amigos... these are what real pot holes look like! You don't lose your tires over here, you lose your whole car!!!

And below a new'ish, what we thought was a road, and for the past couple of years, we thought it was a road, but on closer inspection anyone can see its a railway line! A very high railway line! you can see this from so far away, even nearly here! And where we spent my birthday last year, when we thought it was an empty road!!!

And finally below, a view of Alóra, taken from a garden centre car park, we didn't go into Alóra today, but there on the mountain on the left you can see a castle...

The garden centre was huge! And had the biggest restaurant I have ever seen in a garden centre!!! They are 'doing up' the rest of the place, but still had plenty of plants and gardenware!!!

Alot of the roads we travelled on today were in a state of bad repair, just like a couple of weeks ago, if people drove too fast, in the dark, they wouldn't last long forsure!

Our journey ended, as it has before strangely by coming down the mountain that over looks the Garganta restuarant and El Chorro station, passing the restaurant near the top where we went with Tony some years back now... Although not entirely sure if it was from the same direction! As if I remember correctly we passed the restaurant on the left, and not up the right on a side turning? This means nothing to you, sorry, rambling....

I think I am getting used to the Betablockers now, its my fourth day, and I seem to be typing ok, Mmmmm, did a typo there, so maybe not! And still confused how the meds make me even more tired than I normally am, but also give me insomnia at night! How does that work then???

Oh and today whilst out, I saw another owl! Asleep on a fence post, on the Alóra road! And then later we saw this terrific little lizard crossing the road infront of us! And in a major hurry he was too! His head held high, legs going as fast as he could, bright green in color.... Sooooo cute! Trouble is the only photo I have is the one in my minds eye!

Came home about 2pm and sunbathed up on the roof terrace, summer is here[I hope!], started reading a book I haven't read for years, and years, Silver Metal Lover its called...

And now there is a robot movie on tv... oh well!

TTFN amigos

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