Thursday, June 16, 2011

On Monday I went into the bank to pay the IBI [council tax], rubbish and sewerage bills...

He, cashier, noticed something I hadn't, typical! That the date on them was last years dates, so he had torn off the bottom bits, put the money into my account, instead of just scanning and paying the bills, then he said, these are last years! You need updated invoices to pay them... I said how strange as I have paid them.... he just told me to go to the office to see....

I checked my files[!], and was correct that I had paid them, last August! by the way!

la la la.... This morning, well I had to leave it a bit, you know build up the momentum for the conversation of hell! In I went, I didn't take the receipts from last years payments, I know what can happen when you hand over original documents, in the past they have been taken and thrown away and copies given!!!!

So! In I went, I said these had come through my mail box a month or so ago, and did he have this years to pay... He said that they are not due out for delivery until August! That he didn't know where these had come from and click click... I had paid these in August last year! Yeah!!! Just like I knew I had.... So out I went, only a matter of minutes from going in!!!

Then I had to make an appointment for the doctors... in I went, up to the desk, asked for an early appointment as soon as please! Tomorrow morning early! Fantastico!

I had phoned Vodafone myself earlier in the week, having tried and tried previously in the shops to get my contract cancelled, but it just never worked out! I had tried a number I was told would put me through to an English speaker, that didn't, wouldn't! And was never working!

So I had just called the regular number, cup on tea to hand, ready for a long hawl.... But NO! I asked for an English speaker and English"!!! So I said I wanted to change to pre paid... And he took all my details, then I said what price plan I wanted and he said yes fine... 6 and half minutes later, tea still hot I went back downstairs, in shock! But, and its a big but, I'm not so sure he has cancelled my account, and not just changed my price plan!!!

I guess I will find out soon enough eh!!

This morning a child was hit whilst crossing the road, on a crossing, with her Mom and sister, the man didn't see her, and she was thrown into the air, still holding onto her Mom's hand! She was ok, thank God, just a scratch on her elbow... I arrived just after the incident, thank goodness, wouldn't want to have that in my memory, and I'm sure the poor child doesn't either of course! You know, no one called the police??? Someone took them to the medical centre, but nothing else was done????

The doctor at the hospital said if my bp came down below 110, the upper number, to come off my bp meds, it has today, I hardly have any bp at all!!! So tomorrow I will leave it out! Just take the Beta blocker! Bit worried about this, but that's what he said... So there we have it amigos!


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