Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well what do you think of the new format of my Blog???

All comments will be greatly appreciated! Ha, you bunch can be extremely quiet on the old comments section, I wonder do I put you all to sleep sometimes!!!

Photos from Whipsanade Zoo....

Above the elephants... no kidding!

... and to the left some cute brown bears, they were being fed when we got there, thats why the close up Kodak moment!

At the elephants I got a call from the hospital... so that was fun talking in Spanish there for a moment! [yeah well trying as always]...

The lion area, was amazing, I hadn't seen it that way before... where have I been??? Oh yeah, living here!!

There was 'just' some plate glass between them and us, and there was only us looking, so it was wonderful... the lioness on the left was looking straight at me, a close up tomorrow, if I remember to do it!!

And then this shot here, wow wow wow, our feet were so close, they, all the lions, looked so soft and touchable....all asleep apart from when her up there popped up her head to look at me!!

A group of Mom's and kids arrived and broke our quiet moment with these amazing creatures...

As you can see the day was beautiful, a bit breezy by the pick nic area, but then it always is there, above the famouse chalk white lion, its always a little bit breezy!!!

Today, oh yes today, there was much excitement as a road block suddenly came up, men with big guns... plain clothes police all over the place, a van stopped, a man removed from it, frisked and taken away, followed by his van and all the police were gone, quite a moment at our bar it was, everyone outside... and before we knew all gone, and none of us even thought to use our phones to record the moment, and my camera? In my bag of course, where it belongs!!


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