Monday, June 11, 2012

For absolutely no reason, the castle on the hill in the village my grandparents left, Quaglietta, in the hills outside of Naples, Italy...

Monday again today, funny how it comes around like that!

What's been happening, proof reading, editing, publishing, another book ready for the off soon, a compilation of four children's books by Peter Maddocks...

Weather has been good and bad, alternate days, doesn't stop Pip and I heading out in the mornings, bit of drizzle never did anyone any harm!  Only trouble is wearing a coat, its not cold, and still seems odd wearing a coat in June!

I have missed another cousins' wedding in the states, the photos are beautiful, the bride gorgeous, the groom handsome...

I spend so much time Twittering, advertising books and reposting and retweeting, thank goodness for the site I use, I can have my Tweets twittering while I sleep!!!

I have found a few more places to work on for advertising, its just not easy, when you want it for free!  Luckily Peter Maddocks is a well known, already published Author and his books leave the eBook shelves on a daily basis, and with high quantities, but me being me, would like more to sell, I realise I can't get them to reach the sales of the past.... but I am trying!  Very trying!

I have friends I should be phoning, family I should speak to, things I have to write, but seem to still be in limbo, and its a limbo without free drinks or an inclusive all you can eat menu!


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