Monday, June 18, 2012


Two random photos of a drive out the other day, we went past Richard Burtons house, well, where he was born that is, but too quick to take a photo, was hard to spot the plaque as they have built a small lobby on the front of the property with the plaque inside!  But eagled eyed Bonelli super sleuth saw it!!!

Where the church is and the house below?   Not too far from Port Talbot, about 5 or 6 miles from Maesteg... too many places with far too many letters for me to remember them!

Today we took Pippa out for a walk, after her regular morning walk we went off about 1pm, planned on just going to an old railway track we have walked to before, but I wanted to walk in the other direction, so we did, the old line had been carved through the mountain and so many years ago that lichen and mosses hung down and out of the cracks, trickles of water coming out of the walls like stars being lit from the sunshine, absolutely beautiful.  And of course it turned into a very long walk, luckily I could sit down here and there, and we had water, for Pippa, but me too!  After leaving the old track, no line anymore, just the straight walk, we asked for directions from two men who just happened to be stood talking out in the middle of nowhere!

We came back straight down to our road, a small miracle in itself!  Our journey had covered, fields, fences, metal gates, narrow passing places, a field that had been a pond!  A river, we wouldn't have had to cross it, but for a herd of cows!  So we had to cross it, without my boots on, treading on stepping stones, ie random placed rocks, under or just above water level, then through a field with some more cows in, and back over the river again... once again boots and socks off, almost to civilisation and we had to navigate our way down a what should have been dry river bed, so the man had said earlier, but this was on the wet side of dry!  And just rocks of various and slippery sizes... until at last we ended up in a park!  Beautiful water falls, carved trees, an old water mill!  Then continued down the narrow lane and out onto our road!  Uphill journey till the brow of the hill two minutes from our house then downhill at last!

Pippa had to have a shower first, she will sleep well tonight!

Washing had dried on the line by the time I had finished with Pip, all brought in and put away, next lot out now!

Tired now!


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