Monday, June 18, 2012

out of sinc post, due to out of sinc writer!

Still amazed by our garden here!  Look at it! Beautiful!

Been very windy here today, been out and about, no real rain, yesterday we had a massive downpour!  Some trees were down apparently someone said, who knows where!!!

Went down to Neath Abbey one evening this week to watch some filming of a TV series about Da Vinci, couldn't really see a whole lot, the amount of equipment, cranes, trucks, vans, cars and people!  It was early evening and they were gong to be there until 3am, supposedly!  Then be back again in the morning, the series in based in Venice!!  I think Franco and I were probably the nearest thing to Italy they had!

They had needed extras, but we were a month late in applying, we read this in a local paper after we got back!

I am still to-ing and fro-ing with an organisation here, about something, its been worrying and scaring me, and after nearly three months is still not worked out, feel like I am being alienated!  I understand certain things are put in place for reasons, but being asked questions that make so sense to someone who has lived in the UK since I was 18 months old just takes the biscuit!

This has been on my mind for the past few months, every day awaiting the post man, getting like I said on Twitter earlier, a real love hate relationship with the post-man, unbeknown's to him, will he bring good news, good mail, good things, or more bad news in the form of more form filling in!  The other day Franco rushed me out of the house so fast to sort something out I was still in my slippers!  and in tears! Great eh!

I've been told by my doctor to avoid stress, and this is certainly making it worse! Blood pressure up, heart rate up, more heart medication!


Went to the local market this morning and stocked up on meat for the freezer, should hold us for a while, huge amount of food for not alot of money, minted lamb, peppered steaks, lamb shanks!  Red meat?  Was there a warning about that earlier in the week!  Oh well what the hell!

Resolven was quite busy, lots of people, its all undercover, so kept most of the wind out!  Had mug of hot chocolate as per the norm!

Went into town first, I had all my meds to collect, its so nice just handing in my card and picking it up!  The other day in Boots [the chemist] I was lost, a member of staff asked me if I needed any help and I told her what I was looking for, she took me to it, then afterwards saw me looking lost again and asked if I needed the pay desk now?  Yup! She walked me there and took my things, we had a great chat, its so nice to have the shop staff talk to you so pleasantly, they are so helpful here, always cheery, well 99.9% of the time, its great!

The car has a new MOT now, new certificate, its just a piece of printed out paper, the old one had a sticker incorporated to take out and stick on the windscreen as a date reminder!

Just thinking that I'm still waiting to hear back from the car insurance agent in town, she has been corresponding with my insurance company in Spain to get my no claims bonus sent over, four months of emails, four months of me writing to my old broker, her writing to my old broker, my old broker phoning, emailing the insurance company, its just an email, just a fax even? Just one simple piece of information she requires!  In Spain they do not give the person who has the no claims discount the information, they will only forward it on to the new insurance agent/broker, although saying that, even this seems an impossibility to achieve!

Franco has had numerous interviews, a three day system with one company! Lots of promised calls back, all, so far, leading nowhere!  At least I had an interview, and a call back, I am sure my health issues didn't help in that job, I needed to be able to lift heavy'ish stuff, and already being signed off sick, I suppose I didn't have to apply or even go in the first place, but I would like to work, even a few days a week, if I can find something that won't make me suffer!

TTFN Amigos!

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