Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today some photos of Pippa and her pals on the move from Spain to Wales back in February!

She is such a diva, ears up and on the alert for anything that might be important to her!

Snow!  She seems to have her attention on something above!!!

Not entirely sure what she up to above, probably not the perfect moment to be caught on camera!!!

Look at my little darling girl here! Up she goes, how far can she see now, that golden lab is thinking, "What the...." is that a dog or what?

And to now, today, I had a coffee with a new friend today!  Two weeks ago I went into a local shop to buy sugar, I think it was and came out with a new friend!  She called today and I visited her in her shop and sat behind the counter with a cup of coffee, we chatted lots and in between customers came and went, I haven't said 'hello' to so many people in one go since a busy day back in Alhaurín el Grande! Seeing the cigarettes for sale we chatted about my old job back in Torrmolinos as promoter for the tobacco company, in Nottingham, and she said about one of their brands having a built in breath freshener??? You press a bit on the filter and it blasts mint breath fresh in your mouth!!! Just google'd it, its called Fresh Burst!  Well well, whatever next eh!  I remember the Marlboro ciggies 'Cool' I think they were called, and you could actually feel the cold coolness in your lungs!!!!

I came home to dinner cooked and ready to eat!

I was sore this morning from the gardening I did yesterday afternoon, not just my muscles but the many scratches and thorns!  Funny how you don't notice at the time, and how red and infected they are the following day!  I haven't had a tetanus shot since 1983, I know that's when it was as I was ill from it!

Not that you really want to know, but I have a very strange toe nail! Perfectly formed of course! but its slowly over about 2 years turned totally white!!!  The doctor has done tests, and although odd looking is not at all infectious or a nail disease, which is good in one way, but could just be something to do with my kidneys or liver!  Hey ho!  Anyway, he says I can paint it, and I will do!

And on this delightful note I will bid thee adieu....



Carol said...

I'm glad Pippa and you have a new friend or two! Franco, too, I hope! By the way, I love all your photos --just exquisite.

Marian said...

Carol... Thank you, Pippa! What a diva eh! She is so cute, if I do say so myself!!
love mxx