Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Above our fallen tree, still looks pretty much like this too, garden guy will be back....!  With assistance!

Well, that's another birthday come and gone, why oh why do I have these great expectations on my birthdays!!!

I did work it out last year didn't I, something to do with when I was little I always expected my Dad to mysteriously turn up, really was never likely, especially after he died when I was only ten!

I still wake up all excited "its my birthday!!!!" yeah, the day can be good, usually is good, yesterday on the radio to Tenby they were playing music from the '80's, which really is nearly all the theme tune to my life!  So that was good... Tenby was lovely, then.... its almost like my birthday is over, and what? This awful feeling of disappointment hits my like a wet fish right across my face and a punch to my tummy!

No one else's fault, always mine....



Carol O. said...

Happy Birthday, Marian! Is it today? I know that your birthday (and even mine!) was and is a big deal in Heaven -- even our ancestors were aware of the new child in the world. May you have an exciting and very fruitful year of fun and peace and sweet innocence.

Marian said...

Carol... thank you, it was yesterday, but I always say here in the UK its the 18th too! born 9:20pm in California, makes it 5:20am on the 18th! I am like the Queen, two birthdays!

And thank you for the best wishes... I hope so too...
take care, love mxx