Monday, July 16, 2012

Red red wine.....

Man came about the tree today, has to come back, one man and a tree.... no good, we need scaffolding I think!  We had a friend visiting then man above arrived, then neighbour knocked on the door, Pippa is in 7th heaven!  She is such a diva, I truly believe she thinks everyone just comes to visit with her!!

Just looked to see when I last Blogged, this morning!  Crazy girl I am, had forgotten all about that, never mind eh!  By the way, have colored my hair again, sooooo much better now, what a state I looked!  Scary!

I just can't seem to wake up in the mornings anymore, more tired than usual... I think now I am almost more asleep than awake, or so it seems, yesterday at Frano's Moms for dinner, I could have fallen asleep at the dinner table!  I need more 'wake me up' foods perhaps?

Haven't been drinking any of the above photo in case that's  what y'all thinking!  That was a moonlite night in Spain!  Not a windy night on the Brecons!

Having an away day tomorrow, thanks to family, cheers M!  Off to a seaside town I've never been to before, one that Mom visited with her BF years ago, so no doubt, as in Bournemouth, I will see her there... in my minds eye of course!

Got another book in publication now too, so take a visit over there to to check it out!  A Book trailer for last cartoon book too, turn up the volume for that one, expect the unexpected, shall we say!

Puppy next door came a visiting yesterday, in the house, and in Pips bowl, she was not happy and sulked again, for the rest of the evening, I think I may have managed to block up the path little pup was taking, although time will tell, either it worked, or he will get bigger and not fit anymore soon!

I had so many dreams last night about travel, wasn't sure where I was when I woke up eventually this morning!  I was packing cases all over the place! Must check that out...

***If you are packing and unpacking multiple times, it points to an unsuccessful attempt to deal with far too much in your waking life, so reach out for help if you need it.***

Looks like all the 'stuff' I was packing then, each were symbols of the many things I am trying to deal with, and that I must sort out my 'life'case then!

I remember a friend wrote a beautiful letter to me years ago, about a blue bag, which was stretched, the seams darker than the bag where the original color still remained, she was carrying it, and she dropped it, the contents spilling all over the road, but I was there, to help her pack it back into the bag, and the things she couldn't fit in any more I carried for her, helping her with her burden...

After a day of rain on and off the sun is coming out now, so fingers crossed the sun will shine tomorrow...



Anonymous said...

Hi Marion
Hope all is OK with you now you are not in sunny Spain. I had a lovely holiday in Portugal but still think I prefer the part of Spain I had my Appt.Have you had any luck selling your place in Spain yet?Hope the weather improves soon,never seen so much rain!Are you going on holiday this year or back to see how your house in Spain is? Take care Chrissie x x

Marian said...

Hi Chrissie... Been bit cloudy here last few days, and heavy rain this morning... but now sun is blazing! Beautiful!

Glad you had good holiday, we still have the house!

Should be able to get over nearer September, to check all is well, when it calls down a bit!

Hope your good,

Take care, love mxx