Monday, July 23, 2012

After a long day this morning, if you see what I mean, came home, slept, ate and continued the long day this evening too!  Went down to The Quays, a new development in our village, which leads you down the estuary and to the sea... it took a while to get to the beach, and the tide was just starting to come in, we had seen the river starting to fill on the way down, litterally!  It was like a mini tsunami as the water flowed in and up....

As we stood the water just poured in over the beach and the ripply sand from this mornings tide, the sand looked like it was covered in something from a distance but was just the shade...

Pippa above keeping a look out at some other dogs further up the beach!

We let her off the lead and she ran about like a whippet!  She is now sleeping!

A water spout thing above, not sure what it was, or where it was coming from, but up came the water any how!!  met a man just up by here, chatted about Spain, and for a while we were back speaking Spanish!  Bizarrely.

This is a lovely conservation area, and there is a massive car park, i.e. lay by for five cars!!!!

Ice cream on way back, now exhausted and smelling of sea salt...


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