Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Above night time shot of the local power station!   Its not this close of course!

And little Pip, standing on the window sill as usual!  Surrounded by hearts and sprinkles!  Awww my baby!

Been very luck with the weather the last few days, we're having a down pour at the moment, but overall its been okay here, we had an 'April' shower this morning when I was coming home from town, but been in the garden cutting back those ever growing brambles, will have blackcurrants in abundance soon! It'll be blackcurrant pie, blackcurrant jam, blackcurrant pudding and just plain.... blackcurrants!!!  I always remember a sweater I had when Mom and I went blackberry picking on Northchurch common, I got the juice on the cuff and the stain wouldn't come out!

Er, yes I was a kid, so a while ago, of course!

I tried a new product to take out my hair color, just temporarily, there was a whole page of why it wouldn't work on the back, which makes me realise now why it didn't work!  I think it took out any dark color I have put in over the years, but left the red!  Took ages to do, ages to rinse, and washed it again yesterday to try to control the huge head of hair I now have after all that product abuse!  But, don't worry folks, coloring it again tomorrow!!!  And will forever more!!!

Neighbours dog got in our garden the other day, he is just a puppy, but already nearly the size of Pippa, beautiful blue eyes, Pippa was horrified, she is fine with dogs bigger than her, but smaller... forget it, she sort of froze while it bounded around her wanting to play, and Pip just kept on turning, until finally snapping at the poor thing!  Managed to collect it in my arms and hand the little puppy back in one piece! No harm done, then Pip was all moody for the rest of the day, diva!


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