Saturday, August 04, 2012

Art Deco Dressing Table

Check out my Art Deco dressing table!  Its a cracker isn't it?  Picked it up at the market this morning, went for our months worth of meat.... and saw this on our rounds!

How much do you think?  come on have a try..... two big beautiful drawers then the two little side drawers, space between and at the back beneath the top shelf glass sliding doors no less!

It has a sticker on the top, I went over the store holder and said, well whispered really, didn't want anyone else to shout out their bid!  "Is that really free?"  he said yes!  It was free, nada, gratis, nowt and nothing!  Paid a tenner delivery charge... What a bargain eh!

I've wanted one like this for years...

Had some rain this morning, but once at the market, beautiful sun shine, all the way...

TTFN amigos


Carol O. said...

It's lovely!!

Marian said...

Carol... Thank you, every single time I walk into the bedroom I think "Wow!" to myself and smile!
love mxx