Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh well, apart from a possible depressing photo above its also very small!  Which I suppose is the same thing!

Mmm, been 10 days since last post, time seems to be passing at a rate of knots! Today went to Cardiff with a friend, she needed company and directions, so I gave her both, she had a whole tonne of forms to fill out for a new job she is starting next week, and from there we hunted down another place she is having a three day training thingy, then it was to town, to Neath, we had a coffee, sitting in the lovely sunshine at the Roundhouse, a quick trip to her house, then back home about 4pm, long day!

And tomorrow we're meeting up with friends from Alhuarín!  This will seem strange, seeing friends from there, here!  Looking forward to seeing them, they live here half the year and near our house in Alhaurín the other half!

Wednesday more blood tests, others were two weeks ago, the receptionist at my doctors knows me by name already! How very sad!

Think I have lots to tell, but am too tired to think now, must try and write stuff down when I think of it.... the other night I couldn't sleep with things to add to my next book!  So not having pen nor paper, I spoke into my mobile, using the voice recorder thingy, when I played it back the following morning I sounded really creepy, like something from a horror movie, I was whispering and sort of growly!

Hope I can instil that feeling into my book!

Over now, and very much out!
ps sorry if this post sounds a bit strange, I am feeling a bit strange! ;-0

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