Friday, August 03, 2012

My beach!!!

Received an email today with the 1940's census for the states.... downloaded my Aunt Gloria and Dads from then, and checked out their home back then... tried to take a photo of it, but it came out bad, so left it for now, might upload it another time...

But got me to thinking how long I have been trying to find my brother[s], I know, I know, here I go again, I've mentioned numerous times a brother in the states and another in Japan... I suppose I can mention the mother of the American brother can't I?  I mean, I Blog so much it might get picked up?  He would be about 53years old at this time, Ummm don't ask!

So, his mom, Marlene E nee Ballamy, they married in Navada around 1960, I have absolutely no chance of the Japonese one, he was born when my dad was about 19 or 20 and a G.I. in Japon!  so he would be about 67!!!  I don't know why, but I don't think either of them are alive now... even the younger one....

Tony and Kate are getting married in less than three months!  I can't believe it, my baby!!  They are getting married in Vegas, keeping up a family tradition, that's Franco and I, my dad with Marlene, and now Tony and Kate!  Brilliant!

One of my cousins in the states, asked me today too, when was I coming over, so, there is no doubt now, we need work!  Franco's offer of employment must arrive immediately, and although I have a few, problems shall I say, I will have to put them to one side, and get a job, we need the money, I have too many plans, too many wants and needs, and maybe if I can work through the pain barrier, it might not be so bad on the other side!  I have up'ed my intake of painkillers, from four eight, well the instructions say its okay... so, there!

Now, to my publishing site, new book to show off with !

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