Friday, August 10, 2012

Is this a really freaky photo?  Where my Dad grew up on 9th Av, NYNY....

Seem to be having another spell of orphanhood, [oh real word!!!] thought spell check would underline in red!!  The other day, woke up from afternoon siesta, can I still have these now I don't live in Spain anymore?  Yes of course I can, in fact need to more these days!  So, I woke up and my very first instant thought was 'must phone mom'... 2 and half years later, and I still have this urgent need to call her, infact, as time goes by the need is greater... I wish she had been here, visited with us in this house, these mountains, these towns, back in Alhaurín and the coast I could always see us there, sad enough it was, but at least she felt near there...

So to a brighter note before everyone empties a box of kleenex!  Pippa's vocabulary is now so good, so great, we actually have to spell some words out in front of her!  Incredible!  The mere mention of 'biscuit' 'dinner' 'lets go up'[the garden], are but three, its like talking in front of a small child when you don't want them to know what's about to happen!!!

Yesterday down at our local beach, trying not to take too many photos, repeats of that is, Pippa decided the sea gulls were sitting targets on the other side of a dip on the beach still full of sea water, she ran straight in, then stopped, and like Bambi proceeded to jump up in the air in a panic, because the water was so deep; she was totally soaked through, she came back to us to show how wet she was before shaking herself free of the excess water, but not enough, so got covered in sand and dirt and more water! Such fun!  When we got back I had to hoist her into the bath tub, and shower her down, towel her off, and still she thought it would be added fun to rub her coat further dry by running and rubbing all along the sofa, and into both bedrooms to make use of both beds!  Arh, my baby girl!

Went to Bridgend Designer outlet, so I am now going to be suitable dressed for my Sons wedding!  I cannot believe I am saying my Sons wedding?  He is still my baby, and no way am I old enough for him to be getting married!

I've opened up a new facebook page, for the books I have published,

Same name as my Blog for the same thing, just another place to put it all out into the world!

TTFN amigos

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