Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Me and a random gecko last year.... he is so cute!!!

Just a detraction from today! Had two things to do today, one, podiatrist, two, flu shot!

Flu shot first, doctors.... Nope, in the community hall, okay, get there.... Nurse not there, been an accident and she is held up!  So, off to podiatrist in nearby health centre, which looked amazing, very modern and fresh and abstract building!  Up stairs... as if 'walk in' podiatrist isn't funny enough, they put the department up stairs!!  yeah yeah.... I used the lift!  Elevator to my friends and family over the pond of course!

Hours wait, coffee time! Back up... Once in with the wonderful doctor, anyone who has to touch strangers feet closely deserves a gold medal in my book!

Spent a long time, answering questions, health, meds etc, then to the reclining chair, the chair of torture.... I was owing, and moaning and complaining, as she began to clip away at my very sore and poorly toenail... I used to be one of those people, who actually think they're feet are okay.... I do, I did! ;-o

Anyway, she eventually hit blood, found an ulcer and very bad bacterial infection... which was why my toe was turning red, all the way to the knuckle... do toes have knuckles?  Well you know where I mean!

She cleaned it up, iodine'd and wrapped in gauze.... I limped away, with instructions to get anti biotics, the dressing changed on Friday with local nurse, and a return next week for a check up with her!

So, off to the doctors... er, again, as I had originally gone there if you remember for the flu shot! I was told I could wait and see a doctor as they're last patents of the morning were in, as I was walking in, I was held up by these two tiny little ol' ladies... very tiny, in height and stature, so I walked slowly behind them up to the desk... they wanted they're flu shots!  yes, them too, gone to the wrong place, anyways, they sat down, and then so did I waiting for the doctor.  I gave up after half an hour, took the 'girls' aged 88yrs, and 91yrs.... to the community centre for our flu shots!  And then dropped them home.... on the way to do the shopping!!!

They were so lovely, repeating everything they said, a few times, and more again, one of them was a winner at Eisteddford!  Back in the day of course! But a celebrity in her time.... that was the 91yr old!

I came back exhausted, limping, with an aching arm [flu shot], so made some chilli jam!


ps, oh and prepped another book for paperback! oh hum...... ta dah!


Dave Jeffree said...
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Dave Jeffree said...

One of your legs has a foot, the other a hand, I never noticed that about you x

Marian said...

You didn't? Well, going to try not to say something I shouldn't here... but am unable to say anything at all!!! er... Thanks for noticing! ;-)