Friday, October 19, 2012

Well today began with a slip in garden!  Walked up there with a glass of orange juice, came down on my hands, not knees!  Which meant I have stretched some legs muscles that don't normally get so stretched!  Even at a gym they would have required some warm up exercises first!  I kind of got my foot caught between two steps on a down hill section, well, it is either up hill or down hill in this garden isn't it!!  I saved myself well, bounced straight back up, a loud crack in the right ankle, sound that is!  I stood for a moment, Pippa looked at me, as if to say, what the heck was that you were doing, you fool!!! Or something like that I'm sure... walked back in the house and then started to feel the worse for it!

I had plans for walking into town, good really, as I think sitting down wouldn't have helped!  So hobbled into town, had a list of jobs, but had a coffee and read of paper as soon as I got there, to rest!

Then started my errands... first a chat with a monk, a different one from last time, I have no need to dodge him, but I did have to dodge two people with accordions, I am sure they were together although two streets apart,  then, walking along, minding my own business, Neath is a busy town, every day, lots of people talking or sitting, walking etc, so I am going along, about to walk past a man in front of me, when he stopped, dead!  I nearly fell over him and had to take diversion tactics![looked like I was dancing!]  He stopped to check his shoes, by bending straight over?  In the middle of the street? Suddenly!!!! He and I had a laugh about that, and two seconds later some guy in the street asks me, then the 'stopping' guy, "accident insurance?" "Do you have a claim to make?"  I said 'nearly!!!'  and couldn't believe he said "do you want a card for next time?" er, no!!!

I got home, but really was a struggle, sat down twice at bus stops, going in the other direction, so glad they didn't turn up, I would have ended up going backwards like in Monopoly!

And now?  Just my front thigh muscle is feeling a bit bruised, inside, and my right ankle hurt!  Thank goodness my toe is on the mend!

TTFN amigos!

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Patsy said...

Ouch! I hope you recover quickly.