Thursday, October 11, 2012

My head is spinning, not sure if I should be writing this on this page or my PublishedByMe page... so will have it on both!

As of this moment, I have up and running a small, but out there TShirt shop! MaddocksPublishedByMeSpreadshirt Shop! I am awaiting replies from two newspapers! 37 books in kindle for Peter Maddocks and now, also four in paperback!!!

Wish I had started all this years ago, 30 years ago maybe.... But then, as they say, better late than never eh!

Another two books in the pipeline for paperback, one in edit, another in the post!

Was going to write about trip to Swansea today... it was damp, but not cold at all, could have done with it being a bit cooler, all the shops had their heating on and they were stifling!

The police were out in force with a young woman, on the street, drunk and swearing, and making a nuisance of herself!

The podiatrist was first on the list this morning though, to check on my poor little toe, well its much better now, re bandaged, but clean and dry etc, he clipped a bit more of the.... debris, which hurt a little, then encased my foot in tape etc, I think that's why it hurt more afterwards, being squished into my shoe with all the wrappings!

Have been on here for too long today.... off now before I sink in too far...

TTFN amigos
mas mañana!

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Dave Jeffree said...

"30 years ago" - eek!