Friday, October 26, 2012

Now these are what I call asparagus!  LOL!

Can it really be a week since I last posted?  Must be, either that I posted the wrong this on the wrong page! 

So Friday already, again!  Weeks are confusing now Franco works all weekend, Fridays feel like Mondays, and Mondays feels like Fridays!

After such a hot Sunday last weekend, did you see the picture on my Twitter???  Okay will post it here and now!

Yes, it you can distract yourself from the art deco lady there.... that temperature gauge reached just over 30̊... Crazy eh! Nearly the end of October, and in Welsh Wales!

Just been out in the garden now with Pip and there is a very determined chill in the air! The air is clean and fresh, the sky clear... and the nip!

Pippa hurt herself in the garden last night!  A pattern seems to be forming here, she flew up there ahead of me, in the dark, I was slowly making my way up the dark, but before I got far, I heard her yelp, and when I got to her, she was just waiting looking at me, with her little paw held up for inspection, I picked her up, carried her back in, and checked it out, she bared here teeth at me to start with, but I stoked and massaged it better, then, it was!

I bought a snood during the week, then today found I can make them out of the many scarves I already have, so easy.... just take a scalf, has to be quite wide, well depending on how big your head it of course!!! Mmmm, and how much hair, in my case!  Either tie or clip the ends together, twisting once before doing so, now you have the scarf! Place over your head, it will hang down depending on how long it was originally, of course, loop it back over your head, so you have two rolls of scarf keeping your neck nice and cosy, then, when your out, and the breeze starts to blow, or you just need to keep your head warm, pull the top layer of scarf up from behind your head and leave it over your head! Like a cowl.... Job done!  Paid about £7 pounds I think for one, now I find I have dozens of them, and I can use them as regular scarf's too, of course!  I should have done a running photo thing!!! Maybe I will, only more likely, maybe I won't!

TTFN ammigos

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