Sunday, November 18, 2012

Couple of random photos today folks.... above Woody!  Well who else!  Garden centre near Cátama..

And here above, El Dorado, all those years looking for it, and it was in sight from my very own roof terrace, not THE city of gold, the British TV series set of course! 
Doing some work the other day, I came across a great name of a street in London... Mafeking Road, imagine telling a taxi driver the name of your street for a pick up!!!  I did have to explain to a friend in SA, "I maybe should explain before one of my sons does! Breaking it down, Ma[my] feking [expletive] Road!!!! lol, what a great address eh!"
A friend in Alhaurín added "Mafeking was a infamous siege the longest in the Boer war and Baden Powell was one of the 'heroes' of the hour if there can be one in such a bloody war."
This morning after not going out since Wednesday, Pip and I went out for a great walk, the sun was shining, the frost on the trees and grass was beautiful... I 'came' down with a migraine Thursday, it was brewing from Wednesday, my back was hurting bad, well Thursday I didn't stay up for longer than the time it took to have half a cup of tea and some breakfast, that, shall we say, made a quick return trip!!!
It was just like the old days, real bad, sickness etc, and the pain, checked my BP during a time when I thought it was getting better and it was 169/98, 120/80 is the norm, and when I got up Friday morning it was worse!  182/101!!!  I did ask the doctor if I could take the amazing migraine meds, but I can't, I know they're not compatible with my heart meds, but surely NOT having this dangerously high BP for two days!


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Marian said...

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