Friday, November 02, 2012

Don't ask why these photos today.... above Windsor castle! Taken from the little restaurant on the opposite side of the road, and I mean little, but lovely none the less!

I'm guessing seeing as its in the folder with the one below it must be around March time 2009...

I know I have put this wonderful photo I took of the reading man in the crypt of Winchester Cathedral before, but... There we are!

In between work today I ventured into the jungle, actually its so bad now, the garden!  Thanks to a friend I took her advise and three massive shrubs are now looking very malnourished, as in bare and needy of leaves!  The problem I am guessing is these huge plants hadn't been pruned for some years, so all the insides are dead... But today, I planted bulbs, every time I have planted bulbs I haven't been in the same house to them bloom!  Bit like every time my mom bought me stickers with my name and address on, I always moved, and was left with hundreds of address labels for a house I no longer lived in!

A couple of weeks ago, I also started a bit of a clear out of 'things'! I suppose I should say things I haven't used in years, but being a collector of all things, working, broken, old or just plain attached to! Its an almost impossible task, because everything I have has a memory, although I was once told to get rid of things that had 'memories', and I responded by saying the memories are in me, not in the item I was desperately holding on to at the time!  I lost the item, it had to go!  Luckily a friend of mine took it in and gave it a good home, and every time I get to be in her house, I run upstairs and reach out for my old, very well loved, Victorian chest of drawers!

Maybe you can tell already by my strange chat with you today, I am being a bit melancholy, again, or should I say as usual?  Its just that I've been lucky enough to have had lots of really long phone calls over the past few days, two of them lasting nearly a hour each!  And each time as I hung up, I wondered if my mom had called and couldn't get through...


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