Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lamp post along the River Thames near the London Eye.... Why? Just because I saw it!

What a day to day!  Friend was coming to get me at 11am, she was held up by an unexpected errand, then traffic, and seeing as she was late, I was there to take in a package, two of the paperback books I've just completed, and they look, if I do say so myself, blooming marvellous!!!

Then she arrived, and as I left the house... so did Pippa! I dropped everything, jacket bag, keys, sun glasses, on the ground by the open front door and I followed her as I would have a child, without thinking and in panic straight out into the street, luckily there was no boy racer [or girl!], flying down the road or both Pip and I would have been flying also!  She ran around my friends car then onto the path on the other side of the street, where I captured her!  Blooming heck!!!  I couldn't believe it, I knew if she got the chance she would bolt from the house, she did it in Spain, only here, the cars move faster, the roads are wider... and her microchip  still says our Spanish address! Doh! Our fault... only been nine months, only.... seems like years in a way too...

Anyway, Pippa back in the house and we were off, my mate wanted to buy a few things for her new home, some electrical, all a bit costly... after visiting furniture and electrical outlets we had a quick stop in a wonderful branch of a popular fast food outlet where they serve mostly chicken, from a place in south America!!!  Then back to the shops! And then back to Neath, she had mentioned she had a few bits of gold, some broken stuff, from when she was unpacking some last bits and pieces.... I suggested we take it to the shop in town, we did, we were both.... well, speachless... The money she got was enough to pay for every single thing she bought today! And it was no small amount!  Friend also thinks she may have more!

We had such a laugh today, we were like a couple of giddy giggling girls the whole afternoon!  I think people thought we were drunk... just one of those days, where neither of us could get words out straight, remember words, remember what the heck we were doing or where we were going! Drive or park straight! Oh the latter two items on the list? well, that was her.... !!!

Came home to a dark house and Pippa, sitting crossly waiting for me!  Wait till her father gets home to hear about her road running antics!  She will lose her benefits!

One of my favourite movies is on just now Polar Express, was thinking about it the other day, and yesterday it was on the TV, and again today!  Amazing, some things you ask for come to you, just like that.... others... not so easy, why is this?  Believing... all we have to do is believe... I'm thinking of putting up the Christmas Tree too, I normally put it up on December 1st, last year I had a tree for Baz who stayed for Christmas, the year before we got a new tree, I couldn't face the one that mom the boys and I had bought, years previously, and I still used.... The tree is Spain I chucked out before leaving, with everything, bar a couple of white doves and my 'special' things... My trouble is I get this great happy expectatious [made up word?], Christmas spirit feeling, then something happens on the day and I feel nothing but a great wallowing sadness, no outside influences can help or make it worse, its all inside of me, just so overwhelmingly sad and lost...

TTFN amigos

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