Thursday, November 22, 2012

I sometimes open this page up and write random notes for my next Blog.... this one "manoeuvred the truth" has been sad here for a couple of days!! I wonder what truth was being manoeuvred!!!

Today, bin collection day, and once emptied, were left to blow about on the street, I had go out and chase the tin/glass recyling box and the waste food box, bad saying waste food isn't it, if we only made food to eat, but these are bones, and tea bags. [That should be in the garden now, I suppose, actually!]

I have getting together things for my trip at the weekend!  Off on a long train journey, for very good value for money!  Thanks to booking early, trip into London, then a hop, skip and jump to next station, and a journey back out of London to Aylesbury!!  Meeting up with a load of friends for dinner in the evening, and a Christening on Sunday... then back to Welsh Wales on Monday!  Trying to keep my bag light, just seems full of snacks now, mostly of the chocolate coated variety!  Kindle is fully loaded, can't wait, except for the 6:10am journey start from the train station!!!!

Must get on with work now, just wanted to finish, and have posted the beautiful little chapel in Mijas Pueblo... Onwards and upwards eh!

Oh, before I go, do you remember, I used to always finish my musings with a short poem didn't I!

 Khalil Gibran And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.


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