Friday, January 18, 2013

It's ShNOW time!!!  Apparently our snowfall hasn't been that bad, compared to rest of the UK, well, its still snowing and we're in a rare Red Alert area, the only in the UK!!! A foot of snow is expected, although not holding out much hope of that!!!

The sky above the house, pretty much the color of slush, and I don't mean, raspberry flavour!

The wood [our garden jungle], looks quite pretty I think, maybe if I further in, I will find the lamp post, and see the light through the wardrobe full of fur coats, then further in the spare bedroom of an uncles house, and all the time I have spent in this world will miraculously disappear! 

Oh, well not everything of course, do we have the option for picking and choosing... has the snow got in my head, sounds like it!  Not snow blindness, snow madness.....

 Even the palm tree is covered in snow!  Its falling much much heavier now, the snow I mean, although the state of the palm tree I wouldn't be surprised if it collapsed under weight, I don't think, until I trimmed it properly in the summer, that it had ever been trimmed in its life!

View down over the valley, can't even see the mountain beyond!!

There was no snow last night, but about 4 or 5am it started and was about an inch or so by 6am!  Franco went off to work about that time, not too bad out there, about an hour later, I could hear a van trying to get up the road, I got up and peered out the window, he was right out side, and sliding about all over the place, I thought for a minute he was going to slide into our neighbours cars!  He let it go back a bit, then kept trying to make it up the hill, I went back to bed and could hear his clutch wining, I'm surprised he didn't burn it out!  I wanted to go out there and tell him to just stop, hand brake on, put it into 2nd gear, and slowly pull away up the hill... nice and steady!  I remember on a driving lesson in Hemel Hempstead, we got to the bottom of a really steep hill, and my instructor said he would get us up the hill, I wanted to do it!  So passing by all the people sliding about or just given up, I did the above and got us to the top of the road and on we went!  I had spent a long time driving with Dave! And I remember another day in the snow, again in Hemel, just before Baz was born!!! pushing a white van up a steep incline!

Wednesday we went to the Rheola market again, it was till quite, hopefully more people will come when they know its there, the Clydach market closed so you would think people would drive to this one instead, they had to drive to that anyway, so it's not too different!  It was cold, and the car park was like an ice rink, but soon they're moving to a nearby location and it will be much warmer!!!  More closed in and no windows!


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Dave Jeffree said...

"And I remember another day in the snow, again in Hemel, just before Baz was born!!! pushing a white van"

Haha, me too....