Sunday, January 06, 2013

Rhosilli beach today, weather wasn't especially sunny, but the day was bright, and mild, first we walked down along the beach, quite a walk down, then watched the surfers at play!  Back up was harder, made worse by an incoming phone call, I was already breathing hard as it was!  I had to say 'goodbye' and speak to you later.... it was either walk up the mountain, or talk, couldn't do both, yes yes yes, unusual for me I hear you say!!

As we reached where the causeway should have been, had the tide been out, I looked around the corner and spied these sheep hanging on by their hooves! is it hooves?? Yes it is! And as Pippa saw them she went on tippy toe, to have a better look!

The rock formation here is amazing, it looks like it has been built by a giant child out of building blocks!

These sheep who look they are Baa Baa'ing our way... were actually coming up behind us, an escort of sheep!  They wouldn't come past, because of Pip, and were there because the sign on the gate saying All dogs to be kept on leads was not being adhered to, by people who think its one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us!  So everywhere they and they're jack russel and oddly, sheep dog, went, the sheep ran away from!  And I must now get off my soap box about it!!! Drives me crazy!

And on this note, I will be bid you adieu!

Old walls, secrets and moss, in moonlight bathe.
Leaves blanket the ground and whisper softly in the night breeze.
Columns of branchless trees, cut on an ancient lathe.
A Sanctuary in my mind, to return to whenever I please. 

Old Walls
by Robert Stagemyer


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