Thursday, January 31, 2013

Okay, totally weird.... just had two calls, first one I didn't get to in time, the next one I answered... a girl, said she had lost her phone in the house, so called it, like we all do, and it was answered as she hung up!!!  So she called it again and I answered it... as it was my phone that was ringing.... she read her phone number back to me, and it was my number too!!!???? Same supplier.... this is weird isn't it, anyway the call was lost and I tried to call it, my number back, to see if 'she' answered it, I got a busy signal, of course and a missed all afterwards!!  She said she had had this number for a couple months, I on the other hand must have had it for 7 or 8 years.... Weirder and weirder...

Vets.... there is a 12 hour break between the word 'Vets' and now... a most awful 12 hours!  Took Pippa to the vets for 5pm appointment, she needed her parvo shot and a check on a gum problem I noticed earlier, [yesterday], she had her shot, we discussed the over night stay she will need to fix her teeth, my poor baby had lost a tooth, has another wobbly one, and her gums need a good sorting out, she always had such good clean pink gums, they seem to have deteriorated in a matter of months... anyway... Came home, and Pippa slept, and slept, and slept... Then about 9pm ish, she started running about crazy like, up and down the stairs, digging in her bed, trying to get under the throws, scratching, then back up stairs and making a ruckus up there, this went on for a while, she sometimes has crazy moments, so to start just thought she was having a loony moment... then about 9:30pm she ran back towards me, I looked at her and almost screamed!  Her whole head had almost doubled in size, the fur sticking out all over, her whole face was out of proportion and she looked like a whole different animal, it was awful, her eyes were like slits, and she was so distressed, I got straight onto the vets over-night line, a vet called me back and after a discussion we got ready and took her straight to the vets, it was nearly 10pm now.... he gave her a steroid shot into a vein, and an anti histamine pill, straight to the back of her throat! My poor baby, it was awful, I was so scared for her, when we got back she was still very very distressed, couldn't rest and kept running and digging about, some huge red circles appeared on her belly, the only place she has no hair, so could easily be seen of course, she slept eventually, and I kept checking on her all through the night, I was so scared she could worsen over night...

This morning she is better, her face and neck are still slightly swollen, but her eyes are looking much better,  and I threw another anti histamine down her throat... she has eaten, of course, and done all the usual dog things!  And at this very moment it tapping her foot against the kitchen cupboard where her biscuits are kept.... she is definitely feeling better!


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