Tuesday, January 22, 2013

There are things in life we know nothing of, don't worry I am not getting all deep and meaningful, just for a change, although thinking ahead the last bit will be somewhat melancholy...

I am talking about just normal stuff I suppose, you just don't think about it unless you come across it, "for instance?" I hear you say... Well Blythe has arrived, do you think she looks like me? The photo is maybe not taken in a very good light, her eyes in this pic are red! [although at the moment I think mine are too!]

Anyway, of course now I am thinking, can't leave her laying about, like a lay-about! And Pippa is already showing an interest in her, and I doubt very much she knows the difference between one of her toys and one of... No!!! stop there, Blythe is not a doll[y]!!  Anyway, I thought, well I can get a box, plastic shop front kind of thing, lid etc, used to make 'homes' like these when I was a kid, mom's groceries came delivered on a Friday, and during holidays I couldn't wait to get a hold on the box and make a room or a whole house out of it!  Anyway, as per the norm I digress, I have just googled Room displays, and all the other names I could think to call them, and what I have come up with!!!

Bare with, I will show you! Why not eh?

In fact here is the link to far too many to show... http://miniatures.about.com/od/dollhousecommunity/ig/Roomboxes-Seattle-Fall-2010/The-Hatmaker-by-Kristine-Hill.htm

How incredible is this!! and who would have known!  I know all about dolls houses, having had two already, a beautiful bungalow I designed and we had made by a guy in Covent Garden Market, that poor thing, the dolls house I mean! ended up with real lives being born inside it... field mice as it happens! And I guess is still somewhere in the UK, I hope so, I gave to a charity.

Then a few years later I bought another one, in kit form, and painted it an horrendous flamingo pink, the color of our bathroom, which also, looked horrendous by the way!

So I know about dolls houses, and I know about display stuff, but had never realised the depth and brilliance of some of them, true works of art in themselves, never mind what they're displaying!

And me? Had a sore throat the week before last, then last week a cough started, and since, has just become worse and worse, its a real chest infection type thing, I make the most attractive rasping gurgling noises directly from my lungs, without even opening my mouth!  "How very unladylike" I, once again, hear you say!  Its keeping me awake, its irritating and I just can't breath!  I have to see the doc one day this week, so if it, and I, am still here I might tell him about it!!

Now the melancholy thing... it was on Call the Midwife, from Sunday night? A young woman had a baby, [well of course, that's what the blooming program is all about, you stupid woman!] I said that!!

So, young woman gave birth, and told the midwife a few days later...

"As soon as I knew I had had a daughter, I knew I had a friend for life...."

And that made me cry then, as now... My mom must have felt like that, there she was in LA, my dad going, then gone, and it was just she and me... its my mom's birthday in two days...

And on this note, I'm off, to blow into my hankie, and not just because of my cold...


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