Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Better started posting some more of my photos from holibobs!  Me above!  On the roof terrace shaded from the sun reading me book!

These next few shots are all from the Gibralfaro on the top of the world... well, okay, just the highest point in Malaga! And it is seriously high up there!  Not a journey for the feint hearted, or weak of body! lol  If you want to check the history the castle is from the 10th century...

Hmmmm says there is a way through from the Alcazaba, but I think not at the moment, but please feel free to visit and let me know when that changes... would have saved some time, and not just a little bit of confusion all round!

It also says there are plans to build a funicular railway up the hill to the castle, I am guessing that would be like the wonderful one in Hastings... 

Can you see Malaga port in the pic above?  How small it looks from up here!! Impossibly small, having been in the port and looked back up to the castillo, and the Parador here...

And a panoramic view!  From my phone also, oh the wonders of technology, just think what I could have done if I had actually brought my camera with me!  Will do on our June trip! If I look like a tourist I just will not care a fig!

Oh yes, another flight of stairs, just one more level up to highest point of the highest point!


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