Monday, March 03, 2014

My step dads palette above and below with his brushes, there is such an enormous amount of paint on the palette not sure if there is even a palette beneath it now!!

On the table too some of his oil pastels, he used these after his stroke, he couldn't use his right arm/hand anymore, and it took a lot of persuasion by us and his occupational therapist, but at last we got him to draw again, and he did, and he could, just goes to show that whatever our talents they can and will continue because they are one with us...

This morning everything, so far, has been assimilated into the house, looking a little crowded in places, and a little like just moved in all over again type of feeling about it all, will take a bit of time, some things will go, some will stay... I have left out all the photos and letters and papers, and will go through them all over again soon, lots of photos to scan, safest place for them, I guess and easier to publish, like the invitation for Wednesday 9th July 1851 on the occasion of Her Majesty Queen Victoria honouring the corporation with her presence at a ball, given to celebrate the opening of the Great Exhibition...

Wonderful drawings by my mom... oh dear, the hoarder next door just previewed on TV, I better watch myself, keep getting rid of things, the more I get rid of the more comes back to me... that law of attraction eh, give and receive!

And there are still another nine boxes still to collect from my sons...  I think they could be the boxes full of miniatures and books, and of course have a case full of Tony's things to take back to him that I bought by mistake!! lol only me eh!


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