Sunday, March 23, 2014

I talk all the time... yeah yeah... at work, with friends, about what you talk about comes to you, or be careful what you wish for, you might get it!!  I have a new Pinterest board... and have placed therein a hall coat/hat stand, it was unusual to say the least... and very strangely in Carmarthen Antique shop, at the top of the stairs on the landing was the exact same one!!

It happens a lot, in fact the more it does... well, the more it does... Just the universe giving us what we want after all it seems then...

Had a great last few days, Friday was an unintentional day off, therefore the trip to Carmarthen!
It was a constant mix of hailstorms and sunshine, luckily it was the sunshine when out in the streets!  Never been there before and will definitely go again soon no doubt, the town is bustling, lots of unusual shops to go along with the standard ones of course, some very old buildings, some of which, for absolutely no reason at all reminded both of us of Cartama in Spain!!!  Came across 'another' shop selling candles, but this one had a great very different idea... and its not even new, its over a hundred years old Lampe Berger... Definitely going back there to make a purchase soon!  You buy the beautiful lamps, add the oil, light the wick... leave and then blow out, then leave the essence to cleanse/fragrance the room!  Went in some antique shops, had a great time in those, made me remember the days when I was a kid and mom my step dad and I would go out 'antiquing' as dad called it!  The old Morris van, them up front, me rolling about in the back, would never be allowed now! Sometimes the dog would be with me there too! We would go to all these out of town, usually out of village... farms, sheds, collectors houses... and dad would be looking for items to restore, to buy and sell on, mom would chatting to the owners and me?  I would be running around and getting into places they couldn't... there was an old school house filled to the brim with antiques and bric-a-brac, I would get lost in there, loved it!  I must have grown up to quick, I didn't go with them when I was in my teens, wish I had now... got asked on Friday if I could restore Antiques, I know the principles involved, seen it growing up, maybe I should have taken more notice of that too eh!  That would have been a trade to have learnt more in.... You know it never occurred to me until right this very moment!  The furniture, and the paintings!

Yesterday a good day out and about around the stores and today a day of rest... the rest of Grimm, a great series, two so far, and I have caught up with twenty two episodes of each series so far and will be in withdrawal for series three, started already, but not on my TV!

Its been a beautiful sunny day today, the trees and plants and springing to life out in the garden, the forget-me-knots are showing their pretty faces to the sky... as are the dandelions! Spring is in the air and the promise of life...


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