Thursday, June 18, 2015

We have a moth problem... Got some moth balls yesterday and hoping that will put pay to the little terrors! Hate moths, hard word I know, but really I do! Hate moths!!  They were hiding out up stairs in our bedroom, and as our wardrobe is of the open space variety not sure how our clothing will have withstood the little blighters hunger!!

The bees we were having trouble with out back have gone, we hung another brown paper bag stuffed with plastic, pretending to be a bees next and put off and new bees coming to visit!!

Work has been busy, holidays for some so extra work for who is left, one day off today after five on, and no whole days off again until next Friday! So a full seven days without a break... hey ho!

I am in a strange mood today, I feel that I have lots to do, but can't think what it is, should really turn this off but can't put it down! lol..

Find a photo?

Not difficult, our gorgeous grand daughter...  What a wonderful amazing little girl she is too... I just love her, love love love her... she makes my heart sing and my soul soar through the clouds... and explode into a million trillion zillion stars to light the galaxies...

And talking of stars.... a photo I took from work the other evening.... two suns setting over Neath.... Well........


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