Friday, October 16, 2015

Second catch up Post

Catch up four (and counting!)

Last Friday evening we went down to the coast to hear a friend sing, a Facebook friend actually, we found the bar easily enough even though we had never been there before, we ate a lovely meal at a nearby restaurant, then went along to the bar, he wasn't there yet, and word around the bar was that he wasn't turning up!  So we went out onto the terrace with our drinks, another couple joined us and about ten past nine so did he!!  As he said, in Spain, whats ten minutes late!! nothing really is it!!

Well, we had the best evening!  It was like being in one of those 'un plugged' concerts, he sat over the table from us, next to the other couple, about another ten people at the most outside on the terrace, and he sang, requests... his songs, he chatted with us, very casual, very inpromptu, such a fantastic evening!  Got a CD also... here is a link to one piece of his music... Colin Kennaugh


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