Friday, October 16, 2015

Catch up Three

I am missing work!  Yes I am... I kind of feel I am on holibobs... a really long holiday.... I contacted a local company but uncertain of continuity in work and job security, I have made the right decision in where I am going, I am going on a course in a few weeks, then back to work!  I was also offered another job which was really nice, and complimentory...

Now back to my list, so apologies for randomness about to follow!

First last week we were up on the roof terrace and I could see a light on in a cupboard we have up there, it was a small torch, a little clip on torch that would go on a hat type of thing, not the normal torch that's been turning on at random times... So I am saying its my mom making this light go on... no other possible answer... it had not been used, was not on the night before... It was my mom....

I have seen my favorite bird in all the world twice, the Hoopoe bird, first time the second day we were here and again a couple of weeks later... Can't believe we have been here four weeks...

We have had a blood moon, a super moon... next one is not for 16 years or something like that!  We didn't see it here, apart from the town hall being in the way, we had a cloudy night here... I had set my alarm for 4:40am, well the lunar eclipse would have been total, went up onto the terrace... Nothing!! Lol nada!!


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