Friday, October 16, 2015

New Post!

Hello amigos!

Thank you for bearing with me... I have had various emails, text messages and other complaints abounding!  I am so sorry for such a delay, five weeks delay... Have I ever gone for so long without Blogging?  Not sure...  We have got WiFi now at home at last, I know we only ordered it last Monday, but its seemed like an eternity once I had made that call.. and the weeks are flying by.

It seems impossible that we have been here five weeks!!  We have done lots around the house, painting, throwing out, moving things about... We have traveled around, visiting friends and seeing family when they were here :-)...

We have bought the car, settling back into the throw of things... although we both can't sleep, can't seem to eat right, neither the right time or the right foods!  Pippa seems the most relaxed!  Maybe once I am settled back into work also, it will be better!!

We're having one day a week down on the beach! Lists written and everything accomplished!

Now we have to go buy a phone!  Here I am giving out our number and we don't have a phone line with which to receive a call! Doh!!!

I have taken lots of photo's with my camera and need to upload, but now its adío and welcome back!



Veronica Roth said...

Hooray for the internet at home! Hooray for the car and mobility. Do you by any chance have melatonin supplements in your health food store? Or a herbal remedy called No Jet Lag? But work brilliantly for me. The other thing which works for me, and especially for Chloe with anxiety, is Gaba.

Marian Bonelli said...

V. Just had a look into that idea, will check with doctor, looks like my heart meds might be disrupting my sleep too! Thank you! Mx