Friday, October 16, 2015

Newer Post... but still a week old!!!

This morning we popped over to a friends home, she came back to Spain in April this year, we visited her in the apartment she had rented then, it was very noisy and right above the main road in town by the bars and clubs... she moved then out into the campo, a little way out of town, she had wanted a secure garden, but a dog got in and ravaged her littlest dog, poor little chap, he has been attacked before...  So now she is even further out of the town, actually really in the campo of the next town altogether, very isolated, I was worried about the location before we saw her today, and now... I am still worried she so far away from public transport, friends and this town.... but the house!  Its great, well actually its more than great, its the sort of place I could fall in love with!  It needs a whole load of money thrown at it, probably more than the purchase price!  But there is just something about it, its got character, its quirky, its mostly on flat land, with orchards full of oranges, almonds, figs and cocoa, then on layered terraces on the one side cumquats, aloe and more cocoa and almonds... a pool, covered terraces, interior patio...

Today now, as I am writing its another day waiting for the wonderful Telefonica... only 3pm so still plenty of time??? Por favor!


Phew... Okay, lots of post's below folks, six in all, five of catch up and one fresh... plus this note!


Veronica Roth said...

I'm so glad you're safe and happy now at home. So sorry for your friend's little dog. Poor little chap. But happy about her house. Hopefully she'll settle in and be happy there even though it's not ideally situated. That garden sounds amazing though. Off to read more and catch up. :D

Marian Bonelli said...

Hello V. You would love her garden forsure! And thank you... :-) Hope all is good with you, take care, mxx