Tuesday, May 03, 2016

All day yesterday had a thing on my mind to tell... kept thinking, get it down, get it somewhere and Blog ASAP... so you know where I am headed... no where!  What was it! Who knows!  Have my phone at hand, I really should have just made a note somewhere on it and... my thoughts would not have been lost now...

I am just really too tired, been a few very early starts, and then at night its too quiet out in the countryside for me!  There was some weird bird or animal noise the night before last, in the end had to shut the window and cook, then the animal in the loft started tramping about like a small elephant!  Rolling things about and jumping from rafter to rafter!  Last night after a long day, it was back at its tricks again!  I will have to get someone to go get it!  We had glis gliss in our house once when the boys were small... he was cute, this could be a squirrel I guess?  It sounds far to heavy to be a mouse and I hate to think of it as a rat!

Weather has been here and there... today looks okay and I need to make the journey on foot into town to run an errand, so it better stay that way!

I am on my count down now, a week on Friday... The first week is okay, the second seems like an upward hill and usually the third is better, but this one feels like glue!  Looking forward to this Friday so can count down the days, maybe thats what I should do... like when we were moving home to Malaga, I had a countdown on my phone!!

Blank mind at the moment, better get some photos today at least to add to here later, sorry for so much nothingness...


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