Saturday, July 02, 2016

Magpies three!

I seem to have got something wrong all these years... well, probably amongst other things! [hardly!!], well, the color of magpies!  I actually thought they were black and white, I'm sure I did!  This photograph I took this morning, the three birds were only two foot away from me, so probably the nearest I have ever been to these shy birds... and look at the colors!  Blue, green purple!  Amazing colors!  Beautiful eh!

Hungry Squirrel

This little chap will one work out how to climb this post or any of the others here... he is after the three hanging baskets of nuts!!  I leave some on the ground, some on the window sills... still, I am guessing the lure of all those nuts up there must be driving him... nuts!

White flowers
These beautiful flowers... some of the tiny unfurled ones look like sweets made of icing sugar...

Only a few days to go before I leave for Nottingham and then home!

The program from France yesterday and the Somme, must have left me slightly emotional!  Watching the opening of court 1 today at Wimbledon, the commentator announced all the famous in the Royal Box, sports personalities from the past and present, and a lady who had flown spitfires and hurricanes during WW2, servicemen and women who were present were standing sombre, and I got quite tearful, strange for two reasons, one it was Wimbledon, and two I have even been enjoying it!


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