Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wrote a bit of this Blog on the flight home the other day.... So will begin with it!  The photograph above taken this morning in a shop down at the coast! Favorite shop of mine!

**On the plane homeward bound... Its been a nightmare so far!! Well, some, arrived here at airport in very good time.  Spent morning with son, his soon to be wife (excitingly news yesterday), and my granddaughter my angel baby... We went for brunch in town, I chose pancakes, they were dried up tasteless things with bacon which must also have been cooked hours ago!

(Break here to mention I am about to get up turn around and smack the idiot behind me who is pushing my seat!)

At restaurant should have complained but didn't, bad I know, how will they fix it if no one tells them!!

Then it was tram to end of the line, family came too... got a coffee and waited for bus, to airport, a wait and then lined up to drop my bag, no separate bag drop which is annoying when you've checked in already and its all you need to do! I saw the announcement on boards before display so was quick off the mark in the line... At last moment was asked to front another line and about to check my bag a man pounced and said he only had a pushchair to check in, could he queue jump! I said yes, but really that's what we were all doing!!

I'd paid an extra three pounds to fast track through the control, but turned out so few people it made no real difference!

I was first down the corridor to the gate when the number came up, first by the tape in the 'others' section, then a random family came up, five with a chap in a chair fair enough... chap and his wife it should have been, but seemed the I others wanted a front seat to watch the plane arriving... seeing as we were there before the plane!! THEN a family of eight wanted to jump the queue, grandad walked up, looking glum... saying he didn't want to jump ahead, he was fine boarding with the rest of us!! No problem him and his missis but the other six???? NO, no need!

Then add the poor people who couldn't read the sign for speedy boarding who started piling up in the way of people legitimately in the line!!

(OMG this keyboard is playing havoc with me using my thumbs, it's reading ahead as if I am drawing  a line because I not going slow and its recognising a line between letters not spaces! And the idiot behind is really pushing his luck!)

Okay... this should be cathartic!!

Yesterday was a good day all round by the by, except a nightmare I had as soon as I went to sleep!

Day before, leaving work day... incoming support wasn't there! Manager called her for me, turned out she had her day mixed up!! Luckily she wasn't far away and got a lift in! I was hurriedly explaining a month's (well nearly), noted I'd written, my lift on its way, when a text told me my train was cancelled! I panicked, sent lift away, words of calm from soon to be daughter-in-law... I called train peeps and they said a coach would soon be there to take me to Shrewsbury, the first of three trains, the cancelled one... So I called my lift back to the house and they dropped me at the isolated station! A mini van came and picked me up, another girl was waiting and had walked up from the turnaround near the ally between two cottages, that leads to the line... if she hadn't, she wouldn't have seen the van!  We sped through county lanes at God knows what speed! Thrown about in the back seats, it stank of oil grease, dirt! This driver took three of us to the next station where we got into a regular coach, five of us, to Shrewsbury! We left my station about twenty minutes later than the train would, so about 17:00 I normally have 3 minutes to cross platform and board the Birmingham train... Which leaves at 18:33, arrived for that at just gone seven, so got the next available which was 19:33, and so on... Birmingham to Nottingham an hour later too, and into Barry's off the tram about half ten... I was tired out...

I spoke with and then sat with a lady who was changing trains and got off before Birmingham... Wrong place, wouldn't have sat or spoken with her... and now I am going to publish a book for her! Strange indeed!

Okay... going to read now!**

And back to today!  Sunday 10th July, had a restful day yesterday, relaxing, acclimatising to the heat... early evening it was still 40c on the terrace 104f old skool!

The Pipster and I went out for a nice walk this morning in the early warmth, and just now a beautiful breeze is cooling the living room, as soon as the sun comes round it will be down with the persiana and shut the windows!!

Franco has bought a huge amount of beautiful flowers and our terrace and balcony railings are full of color and prettiness...

I landed into Malaga about half past eight in the evening, and we went down to Torre[molinos], and had a wander about and a coffee and bite to eat, felt like a tourist!  We got a parking place down along the paseo maritimo, right at the end, of both the paseo and our will to live!  We were lucky with someone pulling out, arriving into Torre at past nine at night on the Friday is pushing your luck to its limits in July and August!  We got the lift up to the town level and walked back down...



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