Friday, July 01, 2016

Battle of the Somme

Today marks the centenary of the Battle of the Somme...

Watching the people honour those that were lost, the remaining injured beyond repair physically and mentally.

A TV commentary talking about the huge number of deaths on the first day alone, letters read, diary's of the men who fought and died or fought and survived... Four months of destruction at the Somme.

Those men who died then in WW1, those who died later in WW2.  Between the wars they sought a union of countries, the UK France Germany, all of Europe, to reconcile their differences - They failed, but after WW2 a new beginning, they tried again and this time reconciliation did begin and did happen...

Yet here 'we' [UK], are again, pulling away from those we reconciled with.  What all those men and women fought so hard to do... Yes freedom too of course, but it was a freedom from bad men, not bad countries.

I, you, we hear all the time "what did our boys dies for!"  Well they fought for freedom and for 'together as one'....  Not separatism.

In another 100 years time, my grand daughter could well be a great grand mother by then... I wonder what the people of then will look back at and think of us.  If...  Lol, no, lets be positive, hopefully there will be a planet earth still then!


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