Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pompidou Malaga

Went with friend to Malaga a couple of days ago to see the Russian Museum in Malaga... Went to the Pompidou instead... next time the Russian Museum then!

The Pompidou is well worth the visit, and I will go there again and again, as I do the Picasso Museum in Malaga...

A great mix of art and more, painting that leap off the wall, literally!  Pieces of art work you would never think of!  A great exhibition...

        These pieces above - Ghosts...

I was mesmerised by these! I walked around them from all angles, they really looked like people inside, and every not and then looking deeper into the dark cowls, you could almost glimpse a face, or eyes peering back at you!

It was a very hot day, we dropped the car off at nearby Plaza Mayor and got the train into the city, we went too far! Which was why we missed the Russian Museum... LOL, never mind... as I said next time forsure! Had a lovely lunch in the big plaza... I had sea food paella, 'black & white' ice cream desert, which was vanilla ice cream in a shot of cold black coffee with think cream! Mmmmm very Mmmmmm!

What else have we been doing? On the driving range! I am hoping Franco keeps going there when I am at work, its good to get out and about every day, and just being up there, an hour of fresh air, and getting those balls hit out, good exercise and we are really enjoying it!  Who would ever of thought that even the word golf would be in our now every day vocabulary!  Certainly not us!  Adverts for gold popping up all over our phones now, and lap tops!! Very strange!! We only have a couple of clubs each, all we need for now, and me actually getting to play a real course is probably so far away its an impossible thought! I have had to get a glove, blistered left hand not great!  Still keep wondering who is saying these things!!


Today I went to the market in La Trocha, it was very quiet, I think lots of people would have down the beach or just generally out and about on a beautiful day like today... So it meant easy wandering about the stalls, easy viewing, easy sitting up stairs and having a quiet coffee without the hordes!  Followed by another quiet easy stroll about each and every isle again, still able to see what was what!

One stall holder was a surprise and came away with a possibility of selling friends artwork either in a shop or in a gallery!  Either way, great! But we will see!

I have been working on another book for above friend... more on that on my publishing blog page... next thing to do from here then!

I bought a dress the other day that turned out not to be a dress, but some strange long shirt with splits running up the sides!  So I got a skirt from a charity shop, snipped it up and put in panels where the splits in the shirt are/were, and now voila!  I have the dress I thought I had bought with added extras!! Ta dah!

We had to buy Pippa a new harness too, the other week... Her old one was about ten years old!  Worn and frayed... so now she has a lovely bright new one, the color suits her color beautifully!

TTFN amigos!

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