Thursday, June 29, 2017

Crispy Cod Fuengirola

With good friends down in Fuengirola today, lunch at the Crispy Cod on Fuengirolas paseo maritimo... We were a little early so drove all the way along the coastal road as far as the windmill roundabout in Benalmadina... Nice drive people watching, although already with so many tourists... No, who am I kidding! I don't think there is much difference in the people!

The journey is an obstacle race! An eyes peeled at all times, people of all ages, on all manner of sets of wheels, randomly criss-crossing, leaving path to road or road to path, with no notion of others place, or reactions, fearless? Lol or something else?

The best today was a woman who cycled onto the road without pausing in front of us, she then didn't stop for pedestrians on crossings, or consider any other vehicle or person at all, she spent a few hundred yards with one hand stuck in her hair... Yes, too much information on one person, but we couldn't get past her and spent some time just so astonished at her complete lack of care!!!

So three photographs from Crispy Cod!
And the one above from our living room... That mountain at the back has been intriguing us for twelve years! Aim: get to it, and look back here! Lol Like we like to do from Casarabonela!

I was going to leave myself out of this as much as I can.. Ha! No chance! I'm doing some very odd things, I'm so emotional...

I really hope going back to work will help me, as I help others I will at least forget me...

I really don't know who I am now, anymore; I knew who I was with Franco... I knew who I was before Franco, but I don't remember her, I guess we evolve slowly throughout our lives... and now? Who am I now?

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